About Us

SabasPalace.com was established in 2017 by entrepreneur Saba Mallick, with over 10+ year of experience in the hospitality industry, she understand the value of client and customer services; Having a passion for women’s fashionable jewelry and accessories

Saba enjoy her free time with her family and exploring all the toys world for her kids, you can witness so based on the selections of the toys he presented her audience to experience.

Her business is based on principle is she following in life and with everyone; all of here products listed on her website inherits five key values.

First, with SabasPalace.com she researches products that have had only the best reviews from ladies and kids. This means our ladies and kids can experience best of the collections.

The main points we look for are top reviews, excellent value for money and of course safety.

SabasPalace.com ensure that the quality of the product is top grade, durable, free from harmful materials and is of top quality.

All products are well reviewed for key attributes of SAFETY, for women’s and kids

Great customer service is a huge aspect of our business and we want to make sure that you have the best shopping experience